NEW! Curried Kielbasa Bites

A bit of heat, from Red Curry Paste and a bit of sweet, from brown sugar makes these kielbasa bites absolutely tantalizing. View recipe ...

NEW! Spicy Artichoke Dip

The addition of Garlic Chili Pepper Sauce gives just the right amount of spice to this popular appetizer.
View recipe ...

NEW! Garlic Chili Clam Dip

Garlic Chili Pepper Sauce adds great flavor and an extra kick to this super simple dip!
View recipe ...

Asian Seasoned Party Mix

East meets West in a classic party mix that packs a punch with our Garlic Chili Pepper Sauce.
View recipe ...

Baked Shrimp Toasts

Shrimp toast is a favorite Bangkok street food. We baked them for ease of preparation and a reduced fat count.
View recipe ...

Chicken, Cashews in Wonton Cups

Ground chicken or turkey makes these little hors d'oeuvres an inexpensive treat.
View recipe ...

Coconut Peanut Shrimp

A tasty appetizer for a crowd, or enjoy it as a main course.
View recipe ...

Crock Pot Peanut Meatballs

This recipe is as easy as one, two, three ... because it only has 3 ingredients and takes 3 minutes to assemble.
View recipe ...

Curried Avocado and White Bean Dip

Green Curry Paste gives this yummy dip a real kick.
View recipe ...

Curried Cocktail Meatballs

These flavorful meatballs have a touch of heat and are especially good dipped in our Sweet Red Chili Sauce.
View recipe ...

Curried Crab Rangoon Purses

These tasty appetizers can be made the day before and fried just before serving time.
View recipe ...

Curried Pork Filled Fillo Shells

These filled shells make a great finger-food. A Taste of Thai Red Curry Paste gives spice to this ideal party recipe.
View recipe ...

Curried Shrimp Nachos

Coconut Milk and Red Curry Paste give these shrimp nachos a tasty Thai flare.
View recipe ...

Galloping Horses (Ma Ho)

Ma Ho, a popular Thai hors d'oeuvre, is a spicy meat mixture usually served in tangerine segments.
View recipe ...

Garlic Chili Pepper Chicken Wings

This tasty recipe is a great appetizer for picnics and parties, so barbecue or broil a bunch!
View recipe ...

Garlic Chili Pepper Cheese Dip

Watch your tortilla chips come to life with this flavorful dip.
View recipe ...

Hot Wings

Delicious and spicy.
View recipe ...


A Taste of Thai Garlic Chili Pepper Sauce and Sweet Red Chili Sauce give these classic Asian dumplings an extra kick.
View recipe ...

Red Curry Dip

A great dip for shrimp or raw veggies.
View recipe ...

Red Curry Garlic Hummus

Red Curry Paste added to store bought hummus makes this a speedy and spicy treat for a party.
View recipe ...

Sesame-Crusted Salmon Bites

These delicate bites of salmon are extra yummy when dipped in our Peanut Lime Sauce.
View recipe ...

Spicy Thai Meatballs

These mini meatballs are the perfect hors d'oeuvres for any party! They have a unique peanut flavor.
View recipe ...

Thai Corn Fritters

A Taste of Thai Red Curry Paste adds extra spice to these delicious corn fritters.
View recipe ...

Thai Peanut Chicken Nuggets

Our Spicy Peanut Bake transforms chicken tenders into a Thai delight.
View recipe ...

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    An authentic Thai dish which recreates the flavors of genuine Thai cuisine.
    A quick and easy Thai dish which has the great taste and aromas of Thai food without a lot of preparation time.
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    Gluten-free recipe
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